Easy Ways to Quit Sugar

Posted By Amy Goodrich on Mar 6, 2017



Easy Ways to Quit Sugar


Many people find it difficult to resist sweets and sugary food. It’s easy for you to indulge your sweet tooth only to feel guilty afterward.

For health reasons, you know that you should quit sugar. Just like many others, however, you probably do not know where or how to start. Let me tell you; I was in the same zone. I always have been a sweet tooth and getting off sugar was one of the hardest things for me when I decided to live a healthy lifestyle.

The truth is that there are no secret solutions. It only takes knowledge, commitment, and willpower. You first have to acknowledge that sugar is bad for you.


If you need to be convinced, here are three reasons why you should stay away from your sugary treats:


Sugar can give you wrinkles and add age to your face


A team led by Diana van Heemst at Leiden University in the Netherlands studied the blood sugar levels of 600 men and women (aged between 50-70). After a comprehensive study, they found out that people with higher blood sugar look older than people with low blood sugar. In fact, if you watch the video of The Health Nerd on YouTube, you will know that for every 1mL increase in blood sugar levels, the perceived age of the person rose by five months.


An excessive amount of sugar is your ticket to Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Lipid Problems and Heart Disease


In Harvard Health Publications, eating and drinking sugar-sweetened products can raise your risks of having high blood pressure and other diseases. Dr. Julie Corliss of Harvard Heart Letter further found that a diet that’s high in sugar can cause the liver to pump more harmful fats into the bloodstream. Excessive sugar consumption can cause your metabolism to be altered, making you prone to different diseases.


Sugar is like cocaine; it is ADDICTIVE


Aside from the fact that sugar gives you belly fat which makes you prone to various diseases, sugar is also addictive. Cocaine and sugar are the same since the brain causes a dopamine release too after eating sweets. Studies in neuroplasticity showed that victims of the drug have similar behavior to the people addicted to sugar. This is the primary reason why sugar is very hard to resist.


No more proof is necessary to stress the importance of controlling your consumption of sugar and all other products that contain excessive amounts of it.  Now, what you need to do is to commit to taking concrete steps to save yourself from its harmful effects.

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Easy steps to kick your sugar habit


Post pictures in a visible spot


Sometimes the first step on how to quit sugar is usually trying to avoid it for a day, a week or a month until you get used to not having it. On the other hand, many have tried this strategy, but only a few have succeeded with this approach.

To motivate you to stay away from sugar, have something visual to remind you of its harmful effects. Try posting pictures of obese people, rotten teeth, or individuals who have diabetes or other sugar-related diseases in a visible spot in your home (the kitchen, your room, etc.). Every time you go inside this room, look at those pictures and be reminded of what will happen to you if you keep on eating sweets.


Frozen banana = CUP OF SUGAR


There’s a healthy way to have your sugar.  When your body craves for sweets, stop your hands from reaching for that box of chocolates or that slice of cake piled high with marshmallow icing. Do you know that a banana is actually equal to 1 cup of sugar?

Bananas can be used as a substitute for sugar in cooking and baking. The same goes for your sugar fix. You can eat bananas as they are or turn them into delectable treats without adding sugar. Bananas contain several essential nutrients and have benefits for digestion, heart health, and weight loss. These advantages are actually a total opposite to the adverse effects of sugar.


Find alternative snacks


Sugary treats and snacks are not the only types of food that you can eat to satisfy your cravings or perhaps to cope with stress and anxiety levels.  There are other healthy food options that you can reach for.  Try nuts or vegetable sticks. If you must have your ice cream, try making your own low sugar versions from healthy ingredients in your own kitchen.

A few examples:

5 Delicious Dairy Free Ice Cream Recipes

Homemade Chia-Blueberry-Vanilla Jam No Extra Sugar Added

Coconut Coated Raw Energy Balls aka Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Vanilla Flavored Mango Chia Seed Pudding


You do not really need hundreds of ways to quit sugar.  You only need the willpower to stick to your commitment to stay away from sugar and sugary treats.  Cutting back on sugar really does sweeten life a whole lot more.


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