Fat Isn’t The Problem! How the Sugar Industry Demonized (and Continues to Demonize) Fat

Posted By Amy Goodrich on Mar 14, 2017



Fat Isn’t The Problem! How the Sugar Industry Demonized (and Continues to Demonize) Fat


We all grew up thinking fats are the primary cause of heart disease. Eat less fat, they said. However, a set of newly released historical documents has revealed otherwise. Scientists in the past were allegedly paid to blame fats for heart disease and leave sugar walking free.

The American Medical Association publishes a medical journal twice a month called the JAMA Internal Medicine. It was in this journal that the analysis of the internal sugar industry got published, unearthed by researcher Professor Stanton Glantz from the University of California, San Francisco.

They discovered that the sugar industry demonized fat, and this has been going on for decades. The harmful effects of sugar have been downplayed, which is probably the reason why diabetes and obesity are at large nowadays.

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What Actually Happened?


In 1964, a group that goes by the name Sugar Association came up with a discussion to address the negative reputation of sugar. Research after research came up linking sugar with heart disease, and this eventually gave birth to “Project 226”, a project that involved paying researchers from Harvard to come up with studies linking saturated fat to heart disease.

This carefully left sugar out of the picture by stating that the only way to prevent heart disease is to reduce the intake of saturated fat and cholesterol.

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The Sugar-Coated Apologies


Sadly, after the historical documents were uncovered, the Sugar Association didn’t give any real apologies for the deceit. Instead, they mentioned that they “should have exercised greater transparency in all their research activities.” The sugar industry demonized fat for decades, and even if this was revealed, they continue to back up their claims with “quality science and facts.”

The organization — which goes by the name SRF today — expressed disappointment towards the JAMA publication, saying that the big reveal intends nothing more than trump quality scientific research. Professor Glantz — who is also the journal’s author — says that it was necessary to reveal such information as a large number of Americans is on a low-fat, high-sugar diet which has led to the rising number of obese people.


The Nutrition Scene Today


Today, executives from nutrition industries are still using their influences to shape the way health and diet are handled in America. Coca-Cola, for example, is still funding researchers to remove the link between obesity and sugary beverages.  An even more unbelievable case was trying to convince people that kids who do not eat candy weigh more than those who do.

See how the sugar industry demonized fat? Both these cases sound absurd, but it doesn’t stop companies from trying to brainwash people into consuming their sugary products because, you know, profit!

After the publication of the review, debates between sugar and heart disease were hushed.  However, many health authorities continue to endorse low-fat diets.  Even if people learned about deceit, it will be a difficult mission to curb the minds of those who have been conditioned to love sugar.

And sugar industries will probably continue to thrive for the next years to come.

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