Five Quick Ways to Reduce Your Reduce Toxic Load

Posted By Amy Goodrich on Mar 31, 2017


Five Quick Ways to Reduce Your Toxic Load


Toxic load can be considered an immense stressor to the immune system and even affects our mental state. What is it exactly? Well, toxic load refers to a number of toxins accumulated by an individual from various sources such as processed foods, the environment (air and water), alcohol, household and personal care products, and even from stress and negative emotions.

It’s something that’s impossible to avoid, especially in this advanced and modern world. Still, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to do anything. Here are five useful ways of reducing your toxic load:


1. Drink plenty of water


Drinking more than eight glasses of water every day helps in flushing toxins from your body. By drinking plenty of water, your body will be able to release toxins through sweat, tears, and urine. However, you should ensure that the water you drink is pure and filtered – in other words, only get water from safe sources.

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2. Eliminate artificial flavorings


Artificial flavorings and sweeteners have a harmful effect on our health, especially when used frequently. They may cause dizziness, seizures, fatigue, chest pain, allergies, headaches, nausea, brain damage, and much more. In addition to that, such substances may also induce genetic defects, bladder cancer, tumors, and many other types of cancers. Instead of using artificial flavorings, use organic or natural flavorings for your diet.


3. Eliminate preservatives and additives


Food preservatives and additives are used by food manufacturers to keep their offerings “fresh” for a long period. Processed foods such as bacon, tinned vegetables, chips, ready-to-eat meals, and sodas typically contain preservatives and additives. When an individual takes in too much of these, developing all sorts of diseases become more likely. In this case, it is vital to think twice before consuming processed foods. Besides, nothing can beat the health benefits you may receive from natural and organic food.

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4. Choose the right protein sources


Bacteria also grows on animal products. For this reason, make sure that you buy the right meats, fish, and poultry for your diet. To make the search simpler, just go for organic options. For meat and poultry, go for those that come from pasture-fed animals; you might also want to seek products that aren’t contaminated with hormones and antibiotics. When it comes to fish, it should be fresh and not a farm raised. Consuming fresh and organic meats, fish, and poultry prevents the further accumulation of toxins in the body.

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5. Detox your mind, heart, and spirit


Detox, regardless of the specific approach you’ll choose, has a good effect on the body. Consider doing yoga, meditation, or deep breathing. These activities help reduce stress and anxiety, meaning they prevent free radicals from overtaking your system. As you might already know, free radicals also serve as toxins (albeit affecting different bodily systems at the DNA level).

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Now that you’re aware of those quick and easy means of cutting your toxic load, you have everything you need to reduce your body’s burden. Remember that the sooner you act, the faster your health and overall wellbeing will improve.


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