10 Tips To Ease Your Way Into A Plant-Based Diet

Posted By Amy Goodrich on Jul 10, 2014

10 Tips To Ease Your Way Into A Plant-Based Diet


10 Tips To Ease Your Way Into A Plant-Based Diet


Hi friends!

With more people becoming a 100% vegan or vegetarian I often get questions on how to make the change. If you have been following my posts you know I’m not a 100% vegetarian or vegan myself, we eat organic meat or fish twice a week.

Although we still eat meat or fish, most of our days we are mainly eating plants and it definitely improved our health. Eating more plants made me slimmer, healthier, stronger, and increased my energy levels dramatically.

The term plant-based diet is another way of saying that you eat almost only plants with, optionally, some animal products. Veganism is the ultimate plant-based diet. But like mentioned before, for many people, that’s just one crazy step too far.


Why Changing To Plant-Based diet?


  • Health: many people switch to eating more plants to lose weight, improve overall health, avoid premature aging, and reduce the risk of heart issues, cancer, or diabetes.
  • Environment: eating less or stop eating animal products altogether is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint. To give you an idea, animal agriculture produces 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, and that’s 5% more than all forms of transportation combined (13%).
  • Animal-cruelty: maybe one of the biggest reasons why people are turning away from eating animals is to make peace of mind and help stop animal cruelty. So if you still eat meat just like me, opt for organic meat and fish and try to reduce your intake to 1-2 times a week.


10 Tips To Ease Your Way Into A Plant-Based Diet


Like mentioned before there is no need to become a 100% vegetarian or vegan to reap the benefits of a plant-based diet. We are flexitarians and eat meat 1-2 times a week to meet our B12 requirements. (Click here to learn more about B12 deficiencies)


1.    Meatless Monday

Some people decide to jump right in and become a vegan or vegetarian from one day to another. But for many people, that’s just not feasible. So if you want to start slowly, you can start by giving up meat for one day a week (Meatless Monday) or more. See what works for your family.

If all Americans would participate in this Meatless Monday, a whopping 1.4 billion animals would be spared, and our carbon footprint, water use, and fossil dependence would be reduced dramatically.

Click here and discover the power of plant protein and why should eat more of it instead of turning to animal protein.


2.    Vegan-Before-6pm Approach

Instead of going vegan or vegetarian for a few days a week, many people like to ease their way into a plant-based diet by eating a vegan diet before 6 pm and allow themselves to have animal products at dinner.


3.    Experiment With Vegan Or Vegetarian Versions Of Your Favorite Meals

Try and replace the meat in your favorite dishes with a plant-based alternative. Try not to use fake meats as they are highly processed and full of unfermented soy products (click here to read more about the dangers of soy for your health). Try Portobello mushrooms, chickpeas, lentils, barley, quinoa, etc. instead.

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4.    Do Your Research When Eating Out

With a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle becoming more popular the food and restaurant industry has jumped on this new way of eating. These days there is a wide variety of high-end plant-based restaurants, vegan hippie cafes, or whole food salad bars.


5.    Be Creative

For most people the word boring comes to mind when thinking of fruits and vegetables, but the opposite is true. There are so many things you can do with those flavorful veggies or fruits. So do your research, ask vegans or vegetarians for their favorite recipes and don’t be afraid to get creative in your kitchen.

A good rule to stay creative, try at least one new vegan or vegetarian product or recipe each week.

And if you thought you should miss all the fun of desserts, think again. We are hooked on vegan-style desserts.

Click here for 5 amazing ice cream desserts or here for chocolate avocado mousse or here for a delicious chia seed pudding.


6.    Watch Out For Nutrient Deficiencies

If you eat a well-balanced diet with a variety of whole grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, you most likely won’t run into deficiencies. The only culprit is vitamin B12 as this is only found in animal products but the good news if you are going completely vegan, vitamin B12 supplements are the safest out there. If you are not a supplement fan just like me, 1-2 servings of organic meat or fish a week will meet your needs. (Click here for more info)

Most common vitamin and mineral deficiencies for people on a vegan diet are iron, calcium, vitamin D, and B12.


7.    Avoid Refined Carbs

Many people who live on a plant-based diet are often tricked into eating more refined carbs like bagels, vegan junk food, pretzels, chips, etc. Don’t fall into the carb trap and make sure to have healthy and delicious snacks around.


8.    Make Sure To Eat Enough

People who decide to live on a 100% plant-based diet will have to eat more to avoid binge eating. Fruits and veggies have fewer calorie per bite, so you will have to eat more. I made this mistake myself when I turned to a more plant-based diet. I had a smoothie for breakfast, soup or salad for lunch and I used to come home so hungry I binge on nuts or other stuff. So make sure to eat enough fruits and veggies during the day. You shouldn’t feel hungry. Best is to have 5-6 smaller meals instead of 3 main meals.


9.    Switch To Non-Dairy Milk

That was a no-brainer for me. Coconut, almond, or hazelnut milk are so much tastier than cow’s milk so for my family it was easy to eliminate cow’s milk. And on top of that, nut milks, especially almond milk, is very low in calories compared to cow’s milk, making it the best substitute for people who want to lose weight.

Click here to learn how to make your own nut milk at home. It is super easy; you’ll see.


10.    Make Friends

These days it is so easy to connect with people around the world, so join vegan and vegetarian sites and groups, and learn and see how 100% vegans or vegetarians live. It’s fun, inspiring, helpful, and so cool to meet all those lovely people and learn from their mistakes and experiences.


  “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”


Although some of us like to go cold turkey and become a vegan or vegetarian overnight. For many families, this approach simply doesn’t work long term. Make small changes to your diet and add more plant-based products to your lifestyle and work your way up.

See what works for you. I come from a family of meat-eaters, so when I started with the meatless Monday’s that was already a big step forward in creating better health, reduce animal cruelty and carbon footprint.

Gradually we changed more and more and who knows maybe we’ll become 100% vegans one day. But for now, we are in perfect health and peace of mind with our 2 servings of organic meat or fish a week.

Sooo flexitarian it is for us 🙂


What about you? Do you eat a 100% plant-based diet or are you just like me a flexitarian? Please share your feedback or thoughts with us in the comment box below.


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  1. Hi Amy,
    I’m Anaswara,32 year. i had a fibroadenoma and it was removed on 2007. now I have 5 fibroadenoma in my left breast which is found by ultrasound scan. one of its size is 2.5cm. I only eat vegetables and rice not any meat or fish. why fibroadenoma occurs in my body? I am allergic and daily I take one cetrizine tablet. also I have fibromyalgia. why all these disease occurs?

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    • Hey Anaswara,

      Struggling with your health can be frustrating especially if you are doing everything you could to live a healthy lifestyle. fibroadenomas and calcifications in the breast can have many causes. Nutrition is indeed very important. Reducing meat and eating more vegetables is definitely a good thing to do. May I ask, are you coping with a lot of stress? Or do you eat a lot of soy? These are main contributors. Especially soy has hormone disrupting properties due to its estrogen-like compounds. A few years back I struggled with it myself and soy was my culprit. Stopped all soy intake and everything is ok now.

      Not much is know about the cause of fibromyalgia. However, there are several theories about it, from hormonal disturbances to stress to genetics. While there is no clear consensus about what causes fibromyalgia, most researchers believe fibromyalgia results not from a single event but from a combination of many physical and emotional stressors.

      If you haven’t read my article about fibroadenomas, click here: http://www.body-in-balance.org/blog/nutrition/fight-fibroadenomas-naturally/

      Hope this helps. Take care and have a great weekend!

  2. hi, mam, am 23 yr old. in my 18th I had a Fibroadenoma in my breast. I consulted a doctor and removed it. But the same thing happening again. I consulted the same doctor again and he given tablet containing Vitamin E for 15 days. Am not ready for operating it again. Is there any natural methods to avoid my problem???? I expecting your reply in my mail. Please give me a guidance to solve this situation. Please respond through my mail id. my e mail id is : bhadralekshmi1993@gmail.com

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    • Hi Bhadalekshmi, I’m sorry to hear that the FAs came back. However, this not an uncommon thing to happen. Simple lifestyle changes can help you reduce and remove the FA naturally. Also, going the natural way will help you to prevent new FAs from developing. I wrote a whole FREE eBook about it which you can download here: http://www.body-in-balance.org/natural-treatment-fibroadenoma/
      Take care!

  3. mam, Is it possible to cure this completely in my case??? It again happened after removing it. so am totally afraid. Is there any difficulty? Is it make any problem to breast in future or its growth? Is it possible to cure this Fibroadenoma completely? Am Bhadralekshmi. not bhadalekshmi.it was a spelling mistake. thank you for yor your support

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    • Oh I’m sorry Bhadralekshmi, I just copy and pasted your name from what you entered in the system. It is totally possible to reduce them in size without surgery through lifestyle changes. Also, sometimes when you go through hormonal changes FAs may grow and disappear once the hormones are balanced again. Take care!

  4. Mam, After reading your article I planned to follow a diet ( vegtabls, Fruits, nuts) and simple yoga. Doctor given a vitamin tablet ( Evion 400). How can I check the changes naturally? Within how many days need to conduct the regular checkup? Because of the rebirth of Fibroadenoma am totally confused and tensed. Its why am asking too much questions. Sorry

    Post a Reply
    • No problem, I understand that you are angry, scared and confused. FAs or other breast lumps and bumps are not fun. Reducing them in size can take a while. Anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Do you eat a lot of soy products? That’s what caused my FA? Make sure to read the eBook, also avoid estrogen foods, such as soy. I just wrote an article about it: http://www.body-in-balance.org/blog/phytoestrogens-side-effects/ Hope this helps!

  5. I really like soy bean. But now I deleted it from my life. And now i included fruits and vegetables in my food list. I need your support and prayer. Thank you so much madam. I will try my level best to fight with FAs. Thanks a lot for your guidance.

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    • You’re welcome!

  6. Hi I have one Fibroadenoma on my breast now, the doctor told me that it’s just small and we need to observe it first for 3 months or remove it. I’m just 23 and I don’t want to undergo surgery. Please tell me what are the things that I need to do, so this lump will shrunk naturally. Please help..Thank you in advance

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    • Hi Riza. There are many lifestyle and diet changes that may help you out! No soy is a big one. Stress or taking birth control pills are other contributors to fibroadenomas. Did you download the free eBook? There is a lot of information in there to help you out http://www.body-in-balance.org/natural-treatment-fibroadenoma/ Take care!

  7. Actually before, this was too small but I bought 2 pack of soya milk and drink it and I just notice that it grows bigger. I didn’t know that I should avoid that because the doctor told me just to reduce intake of soda and caffeine.

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  8. Hi
    I m sania
    I m just 19 yrs old and i dont want to undergo with the surgery.
    And i m suffering from fiberdeonoma in my left breast before it was little bit smaller but now i absorbed that it grown somewhat bigger and daily i take vimatin e (evion 400) tablet
    Plz guide me what i need to take in my diet and what i should avoid eating .plz reply me as soon as possible through with my email

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    • Hi Sania, did you download the free ebook on the website? There is tons of info in there to help you out. If you have more question after reading don’t hesitate to contact me again.

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