Health Benefits Of Ghee, Recipe Included

Posted By Amy Goodrich on Jan 13, 2014

jar and measuring tablespoon of ghee - clarified butter

Health Benefits Of Ghee, Recipe Included


Ghee, some may know it as clarified or golden butter, has been a staple ingredient in Indian cooking and Ayurvedic healing. It is a form of butter where all water and milk solids have been eliminated, leaving you with a rich butterfat.

Just as coconut oil, ghee has been considered unhealthy due to its saturated fats. But just as coconut oil, ghee consist out of short chain fatty acids, which, when used in moderation (not more than 10 grams per day), can benefit your health.


Health Benefits of Ghee:

  • Great for high heat cooking

    Ghee has a higher smoking point than most other butters, oils, or margarines used in your kitchen. It will not burn or splatter easily and its fatty acids are more stable when heated. It can be unhealthy to heat polyunsaturated fats such as most vegetable oils to higher temperatures, as peroxides and free radicals are formed.

  • Long shelf life

    Ghee has a low moisture content and can be stored outside your fridge for several weeks, in your fridge it will last up to six months.

  • Strong, rich flavor.

    Thanks to its strong flavor you don’t have to use much to create a great taste.

  • Healthy fat when used in moderation.

    Ghee has no casein or other milk solids and can be used when you’re intolerant for butter. Ghee is an excellent and healthy alternative to health-depleting vegetable oils. I may even aid you in your weight loss efforts and can be beneficial for your heart health. But only when used is small amounts.

  • Improves digestion.

    Ghee stimulates the production of stomach acid and increases the absorption of essential nutrients. It helps to reduce acid reflux, ulcers, and other digestive disorders.

  • Promotes flexibility

    Ghee can promote flexibility and act as a lubricant for connective tissues in the body.

  • Cleanse toxins

    Ghee can be used to remove fat-soluble toxins, like heavy metals from fertilizers, from tissues.

  • Anti-inflammatory.

    Ghee strengthens your immune system and wards off pathogens.

  • Good for your brain.

    Its fatty acids promote a good memory and enhance your overall brain function.

  • Promotes healthy eyes and skin

    Ghee can be used to treat burns and skin irritations.

  • Full of vitamins

    Ghee is full of fat-soluble vitamins A,D,E, and K. Those vitamins need other fat molecule in order to make it to our bloodstream.

  • Ghee is free of:

    Sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, and protein.


How To Make Your Ghee At Home

  • Melt 1 pound of organic, unsalted butter over medium heat under constant stirring. You could add 3 to 4 cloves if you like. This will help the clarifications and adds more flavor.
  • Reduce the heat when the butter starts to boil and foam. Simmer until it is golden and no foam remains on the top. As the butter melts, it slowly separates in 3 layers. The top layer is foam, which is the water content that’s boiling off. The middle layer is the good stuff, and the bottom layer are mostly milk solids.
  • When the crackling sound stops, your ghee is ready. This will take about 30 minutes
  • Skim off the remaining foam after removing from the heat.
  • Cool the mixture and spoon or pour out the clarified butter. Strain (you could use cheesecloth or fine-mesh) into a sterile jar. Discard the curds, as they are full of cholesterol.

This will make you about 1 to 2 cups of ghee.

Although we mostly use coconut oil for cooking, there are some dishes that need a more buttery and richer flavor and that’s when we use ghee. It is much healthier than normal butter or margarines. But like mentioned before, moderation is the key to maintain a good health.

Ghee may reduce your cholesterol, when you’re healthy, or not affect it, but it is not advised for people already suffering from high cholesterol to use it on a daily basis.


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