Alkaline Diet Benefits – Why you should alkalize your body

Posted By Amy Goodrich on Feb 12, 2014

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Alkaline Diet Benefits – Why you should alkalize your body


Hi friends! Today’s post is all about why alkalizing your body is that important to keep your body healthy and fend off life-threatening diseases and overweight.


What Is The Acid-Base Balance (ABB)?


The ABB is of vital importance and necessary for overall health. Acid-base imbalances can lead to diseases such as cancer, kidney failure, and heart diseases. Today, mainly due to poor dietary habits, many people suffer from such imbalances.

The human body is a complex bio-energetic system, always striving to keep itself in balance. We call this process homeostasis. It is needed to maintain a stable, relatively constant condition of properties such as your temperature or pH.

The ABB is one of your body’s homeostatic mechanisms. It regulates the balance between acids and bases (alkalines) formed within your body and keeps your pH slightly alkaline (7.35 to 7.45) and corrects imbalances that may occur.

Acidosis is a condition where the pH of your blood falls below 7,35. This can lead to central nervous depression, coma, and even death.

Alkalosis, on the other hand, is when the pH of your blood rises above 7,45; resulting in over-excited nerves, muscle spasm, nervousness, and convulsions which may lead to death.


Alkaline Diet Benefits

Typical Western Diet Is full Of Acid-forming Foods


Acidosis is by far the most common imbalance seen in our modern society. Alkalosis is relatively rare because our typical western or Standard American Diet is loaded with acid producing products and far too low in alkaline-producing foods to neutralize those acids and keep your pH within tight borders.

Acidic pH can occur from an acid forming diet, emotional stress, toxic overload or immune reactions. Your body has to put a lot of effort and energy in the neutralizing process to prevent acidification When your diet is not balanced, your body will steal alkaline material, such as calcium, out of your bones and teeth to neutralize the acids. Increasing the risk of weak bones and osteoporosis.

Acidosis is also closely related to overweight and obesity as your body creates fat cells to carry acids away from your blood and vital organs. So fat is actually saving your life, as it is a response to alarming acid levels.

Acidification forms the base of many ailments such as osteoporosis, obesity, cancer, gout, migraine, premature aging, and several physical and emotional illnesses. By adjusting your diet, you can fend off those ailments and do your body a big favor.


Alkaline Diet Helps To Balance pH levels


An alkaline diet provides the body with neutralizing compounds, so it doesn’t have to steal material from your body to maintain the same, slightly alkaline level. This doesn’t mean you have to throw out all acid forming foods, as you need them as well to avoid alkalosis. Balance is key here.

A good rule of thumb is to eat 60-80% of alkaline forming and 20-40% of acid forming foods.

Although it may seem that citrus fruits would have an acidic effect on your body, the citric acid they contain has an alkalizing effect. To set things clear, the food’s ability to form acids or alkalines within your body has nothing to do with the actual pH or sour taste of the food itself.

As an example: lemons are very sour, however after digestion, the end product is very alkaline. Meat, on the other hand, will test alkaline before digestion, but leaves acidic residues in your body and is known to be acidic forming, just like nearly all animal products.

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What Are Acid Forming Foods

All food sources that contain high levels of protein and sugar are acid forming. Likewise, processed foods, soft drinks, coffee, artificial chemical sweeteners, and medication.

  • Most nuts and seeds
  • Grains or cereals
  • Cheese
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Seafood

Only 20 to 40% of what you eat should come out of the acid-forming list. Eat more and your body will have a hard time to neutralize all the acids within your body.


What Are Alkaline Forming Foods?

  • Fruits
  • Green vegetables
  • Root and tuber vegetables
  • Bulbous plants
  • Yogurt
  • Herbs and spices

60-80% of what you eat should come out of the alkaline forming list.


If you want to learn how to eat an alkaline diet and fend off disease and overweight, click here and discover how easy it is to start changing your lifestyle.



Informative chart on the pH spectrum by Kris Carr via

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  1. Well, never heard about Acid-Base Balance thing. But after reading this article, I know its an essential components in our healthy body.

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    • I’ve been eaten according to the alkaline diet or 20/80 rule for years know, and it’s done a lot of good things to my health. Lost pounds, reduced cholesterol, and feel energized all day long. Adding more leafy greens and fruits to your diet is a great way to alkalize your body. Especially raw, as they contain the sun energy or biophotons.

    • Outstanding

    • Thanks 🙂

    • show does drinking acid in lemon juice cause alkalinity in the blood?
      Lemon juice is an acid, you can power a wet battery with it.

    • Hi James, Yes although lemons are acidic when they are processed in the body they leave alkaline residues or ashes. So at food’s ability to form acids or alkalines within your body has nothing to do with the actual pH or sour taste of the food itself before digestion. Take care!

  2. Very Useful and Helpful Article! People must understand the importance of healthy eating habits and to invest more in this lifestyle. They can start with a small step at a time!

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    • Thanks! And you’re absolutely right. People who change their diet gradually are more likely to successfully change their lifestyle and lose weight. No need to put your body through stringent diets or work-out plans… no need to make it a mission impossible. Step-by-step changes towards living a healthy lifestyle is the best way for long-term success. Our body’s got used to our unhealthy lifestyle and you’ll only upset it even more by changing everything right away. Gradually adding more greens and fruits into your diet and avoiding foods that come in a box, bag or can will enable your body to crave for more healthy options. “one healthy choice always leads to another”

  3. Thanks so much for this informative article, well explained too !

    I have just started juicing but in my country Organic Produce is four times
    more costly than normal produce. Do you agree I should wash all the fruits & veggies
    with bircarbonate of soda to help wash off any peticide residue ???

    tks & good day

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Kathy,

      I don’t wash all my produce with acv or baking soda. Only the ones that are not organic and known to contain lots of pesticide residues. Some fruits like avocado, mango, asparagus, papaya (watch out for GMOs in papaya though), … are safe to buy non organic and there is no need to wash them with acv or baking soda. Others like strawberries, apples, … are often found with the highest amounts of pesticides and best bought organic or washed thoroughly and soaked with acv or baking soda. Here’s a helpful list

      Have a great day!

  4. I’ve been drinking raw acv and raw honey in spring water for years. with juice of 1/2 lemon. How does drinking this affect my acidity?

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    • Hi Ed!

      Even though vinegar is acidic, when we take apple cider vinegar it has an alkaline effect on our body. It also reacts to some toxins in our bodiy, converting them into less toxic substances. Our bodies need a slightly alkaline pH balance to be healthy. The typical Western diet creates an acidic pH in our bodies, and many health problems are attributed to this. Taking a tonic containing apple cider vinegar can help restore alkalinity, and therefore assist the body in getting rid of some of the health problems listed above.

      However watch out with taking ACV every day as it can deplete your body from minerals and erode tooth enamel. Click here to read my article about ACV:

      Have a great day!

  5. I’m surprised to see kiwi as an alkaline fruit. I’m allergic to acidic things, and eating kiwi makes my tongue itch and produces a rash and pimples.

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    • Well actually the alkaline waste materials or ashes food leave after digestion have nothing to do with the sour or sharp taste. Lemons for instance are sour and acidic before digestion but after digestion they leave alkaline waste materials. Or meat for instance tests alkaline before digestion but leaves acidic residues.

    • Do you have a natural rubber latex allergy, Madusha? I do and certain foods have what they call cross-reactive proteins. I can’t eat bananas, avocado, pineapples and can eat no more than 2 kiwi a day without repercussions.

    • Thanks Rhonda. I didn’t know kiwi allergies are that common. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Distilled water is exactly 7 ph every time ive gotten it

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    • Great! Most of them test between 6.8 and 7

  7. Is drinking lemon water in the morning good for someone with osteoporosis or does it cause bone loss? I’ve heard so many conflicting opinions.

    Thank you!!

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    • I have heard this concern before, but lemon water first thing in the morning will not contribute to bone loss, osteoporosis, or joint inflammation. Lemons contain citric acid and therefore many people think it may have an acidifying effect on our body (and steal alkaline minerals from the bones), but actually lemons are quite alkalizing. They help to remove overall acidity in the body, including uric acid in the joints, which is one of the primary causes of pain and inflammation. If you want to learn more about the acid-alkaline balance,click here:… when you drink a lot of lemon water undiluted it may harm tooth enamel though!

  8. Very very good,

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    • You’re welcome! Lemons are indeed a must-have in every kitchen! We always start our day with a glass of fresh lemon juice and water.

    • I am never without a jug of lemon water. I use1 &1/2 lemons per 2 litre jug ( to taste – not all lemons are equal). I discovered during a very hot dry summer when I was physically working and becoming dehydrated – the answer to prevention. Drank this at room temp. FYI I also drank Holy Basil tea which I made, strained and put in a steel carafe. Drinking these throughout the day. This regime saved my life, I’m sure. I had felt as if my core was shrivelling until I started this. Did I mention it is the ultimate thirst quencher and yes the acid – alkaline IS the basis of health in balance.
      Lemons are also my favorite aromatherapy…I feel rich, satisfied and grateful when I
      ‘experience’ their essence .

    • Thanks for your comment Carol. I totally agree with you. While we don’t have lemons were we live now (Cambodia), limes are in abundance; we even have a lime tree/bush in the garden 🙂 so lime water it is for me. Love holy basil tea too. We have a local organic grower of holy basil here. He is a true blessing! Take care!

  9. Hi Amy, I’m confused about acid and bases. How can acidic foods like ACV be ok because the leave alkalising effects but alkaline foods don’t leave an acidic effect. I never knew about acid and base in the body but I remember learning about acid base in high school science in the 80s and learnt that acid and bases would neutralise. How come some foods become the opposite pH(like apple cider vinegar) while other low pH foods stay acidic? Could you also explain how Calcium is alkali? I always thought metals were acidic. It has been such a long time since I learnt science but I find this fascinating. I wish everyone knew about this, it could make the whole world so much healthier.

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Audrey,

      It is indeed quite confusing matter… our body is a complex and wonderful thing.

      So forget about how a food tastes on the outside. When we eat a food, whether it tests alkaline or acidic before you eat it, our body breaks it down into small compounds to be able to pass the intestine-blood barrier so our body can use it to build, repair and keep all its processes running smoothly. While doing so nutrients are released from the food and waste materials are created.

      Imagine that you would burn a specific food until there are only ashes left. You then test to find whether the minerals in these ashes are acid-forming or alkaline-forming minerals. When too much acidic residues are left in the body and the food we ate didn’t provide enough neutralizing alkaline material or body will steal it elsewhere (bone, teeth, etc).

      To give you an idea:
      Acidic minerals: bromine, chlorine, copper, fluorine, iodine, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur
      Foods or drinks that contain a lot of these trace materials will leave acidic residues and waste materials.
      alkaline materials: boron, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, nickel, potassium, sodium, zinc
      Foods or drinks that contain a lot of these trace materials will leave alkaline residues and waste materials.

      Calcium is a soft gray alkaline earth metal used in many of our bodily processes and tissues. Calcium is one of the major elements used in maintaining your blood’s pH, and consequently the acid / alkaline balance of your entire body. Calcium works in concert with the other acid-neutralisers, sodium, potassium, iron, manganese and magnesium.

      Hope this explains it a bit better.

      Have a great and healthy day 😉

  10. I’ve been drinking lemon water three times every day. .One in the morning, afternoon and before bed time since two weeks.
    Is there any issue as to how long this is to be continued and stop at some point of time?

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    • I have been drinking lemon water in the morning for years now. There is no issue in continuing this habit. But just before bed may wake you up earlier as lemon juice works as a diuretic. So we never have lemon or lime juice just before going to bed. Take care!

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