30 Easy Go Green Ideas For Your Home

Posted By Amy Goodrich on Dec 21, 2015


30 Easy Go Green Ideas For Your Home 


Our planet is losing all its beauty at a fast pace. If we keep living like this, all could be lost for our children or their children to see. The last remaining rain forests could be consumed in less than 40 years. Deforestation accounts for about 20% of global emissions of CO2.

If we all start making smart, green choices in our daily lives we could protect what’s still there. Going green isn’t that hard. Small and simple changes will make a huge difference. And you’ll save some money on your way. So a win-win, if you ask me.

And if you’re having kids, don’t forget to involve them in the process. When they learn green habits from their childhood, it’ll be second nature to them when they’re adults. And they will pass it down to their children.


  “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world”

Let’s make it all a challenge for 2016… pick at least 3 go green ideas from the list below. 3 (or more) you’re not already doing and make it your mission to do them this year.


1.      Unplug Electronics

Unplug your electronics and chargers when you’re not using them. Even when they are turned off they still use a small amount of electricity. And don’t forget to turn off your computer completely at night.


2.      Recycle Electronics And Old Batteries

Sell unused electronics or check where to find a recycling resource in your area. Recycle old batteries properly and opt for rechargeable batteries when you buy new ones.


3.  Leave Your Car At Home

Use your bike or public transportation where possible. And if you use your car drive the speed limit and combine all your errands in one trip


4.      Invest In An Energy Audit

It is much easier to go green and save energy if you exactly know how much and where you’re using the most energy. They’ll give you a list for improvements and could save you up to 30 percent on your utility bill.


5.      Green Cleaning

Most cleaners contain harmful chemicals that end up in our waterways. There are many earth-friendly alternatives to clean your home without using harsh chemicals. At our home we use baking soda for cleaning. Click here to learn more.


6.  Green Power

Check with your utility company if you could sign-up for green power.


7.      Opt For Reusable Grocery Bags

Stop using plastic disposable bags for your groceries. Reusable bags come in different shapes and colors and are inexpensive. Or you could make them yourself,


8.      Create A Compost Bin At Home

Put your food and yard waste to a better use. Instead of putting it in a plastic bag, throw them into your composter and you’ll produce soil that is rich in nutrients and much cheaper than buying compost at the garden store. Less plastic bags going to the landfill and your plants and flowers will take the benefit as well.


9.      Energy Star Rated Appliances

Upgrade your electronics. Again, comes at a higher cost, but saves a lot of energy and money on the long term.


10.      Green Cosmetics

Opt for eco-friendly soaps, lotions, etc. and avoid harsh chemicals in our waterways. Or make them yourself, like we do. Check out the “Mind&Body” section and discover how easy and cheap it is to make them yourself.


11.  Turn Off Lights When You Leave A Room

Turning off lights when leaving the house is something we all do, but often we forget to turn them off when we leave a room. Try to leave your lights off as long as possible, open up your curtains and enjoy the natural light.


12.  Green Laundry

Wash your laundry in cold water instead of hot water, this saves a lot of energy… and opt for eco-friendly laundry products and wait for a full load instead of washing just a few clothes. Line dry laundry instead of using a dryer. Dryers consume a lot of energy.


13.  Use Reusable Lunch Bags Or Boxes

Instead of using paper or plastic bags opt for reusable boxes or bags to take your lunch to work or school.


14.  Shop Locally

This will support your local economy and reduce the carbon footprint. Most groceries travel up to 1500 miles before they end up in your house and consume a lot of fossil fuel. Farmer’s markets are the place to be. If you’re dining out, opt for restaurants that use local foods.


15.  Use Cloth Instead Of Paper To Clean

Reuse old t-shirts and towels to make these rags and opt for cloth napkins instead of paper.


16.      Switch All Your Light Bulbs To CFLs or LEDs

CFLs or LEDs last longer than an incandescent bulb and use less energy. They come at a higher cost, but overtime you will save a lot of money by making the switch.


17.  Carpool As Much As Possible

Carpooling is fun, cheap, reduces traffic, and saves a lot of money.


18.  Install A Programmable Thermostat

Don’t heat an empty house. Turn down your thermostat at night or when you’re away. You could save up to $180 per year by installing a programmable thermostat. Those will maintain the desired temperature while your home and cycle off the system when you’re not home.


19.  Reduce Or Reuse Paper

Instead of receiving your bills by mail, ask your provider if you could pay your bills online. Print on two sides and reuse your scrap paper. Kids don’t mind to color on the back of used paper.
Cancel your newspaper subscription and read the newspaper online.


20.  Hybrid Or Electric Car

Need a new car this year? Check whether you could buy an electric or hybrid car.


21.  Conserve Water

Install low-flow water fixtures. They are cheap and easy to install and will save your water consumption by 50-70 percent. Fix leaky faucets. And if possible collect rainwater for your houseplants and garden.


28.  Use A Dishwasher

Did you know that dishwashers use half of the energy, one-sixth of the water, and less soap then when you hand wash your dishes? But just like your laundry, make sure to only run it when fully loaded. This can save you up to 100 pounds of carbon dioxide and will save up to $40 per year

Also read: DIY: Go Green Homemade Dishwasher Detergent Tabs


23. Turn Down The Water Heater

Water heaters consume a lot of energy. Lowering the temperature from 140° to 120° Fahrenheit could reduce your costs by 6-10%.


24.  Go For More Green In And/Or Around Your House

Plant a tree or shrub in your garden, or add more house plants to your home.


25.  Replace Your Nonstick Pans With Cast-Iron

Manufactures apply chemicals to make your cooking ware nonstick. Those chemicals are released during cooking. Change to cast-iron and avoid more chemicals ending up in your food and the air.


26.  Stock Your Freezer Or Fridge

It takes more energy to cool an empty space than when your freezer or fridge is fully stocked. This will save you money, energy, and time.


27.  Put Your Trash In A Bin

Don’t throw trash on the streets or in nature when you’re out. And try to pick up some trash from time to time and help to keep our planet clean..


28.  Reuse Items Instead Of buying New Ones

Buy used books or opt for e-books. Have a yard sale or visit one yourself before buying new things.


29.  Change ACs To Ceiling Fans

Fans use up to 10 times less energy than ACs and can save you up to $200 a year.


30.  Go Veggie For A least One Day A Week

Reducing meat means reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The meat industry is responsible for 20% of the greenhouse gas emission. So if you’re not a vegetarian, try to eat at least one day a week vegetarian. This will not only benefit nature but health as well. Studies suggest that reducing meat intake may reduce the risk of illnesses such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity.


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Let us all make 2016 a cleaner and greener year. Which ones are you already doing? Or did I miss some great other ways? Your feedback in the comment box below is much appreciated.



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