The Health Risks of Drinking Soda: Are Soft Drinks Really Bad for You?

Posted By Amy Goodrich on Apr 17, 2017



The Health Risks of Drinking Soda: Are Soft Drinks Really Bad for You?


The horrors of drinking soda have been documented multiple times in different publications over the years. In spite of this, soda is still consumed in huge amounts in just about every part of the globe.

Whether you are standing in in the middle of a big city or a jungley, dusty road somewhere in Cambodia, coca cola, among other sodas are not an uncommon sight. Sometimes it is even more accessible than clean drinking water. Unbelievable, but the hard truth!

If you are a regular soda drinker, whether you are young or old, you must know about the adverse effects soda can have on your life. Here are some of the health risks of drinking soda. You’ll be surprised to see that the list is remarkably long!


What is soda made of?


For most people, the ingredients of soda remain a mystery. However, it is safe to say that it would not be fair to call this drink a type of food. In fact, it is basically poison that you can buy over-the-counter.

The main sweetening agent found in soda is high-fructose corn syrup, a sugar that causes diabetes at a rate much higher than table sugar. To make things worse, these drinks are made using genetically modified crops, which cause multiple adverse effects on the body. Last but definitely not least, it contains chemicals that are proven to be highly toxic in numerous studies.

And if you thought you are better off drinking the light versions, they are even worse. They contain aspartame among other artificial sweeteners that have been linked to a host of side-effects, cancer included.


What should you think twice before consuming soda?


One of the most notable ingredients in soda is brominated vegetable oil or BVO. BVO is a chemical used for making plastics. In humans, it may wreak havoc on the central nervous system.

Chronic exposure to BVO leads to memory loss and nerve disorders. Though the exact mechanism is still unknown, it is also linked to the development of mood and behavioral disorders. What’s worse is that this chemical builds up within your body via your body fat, later predisposing you to heart problems.

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Soda also triggers the distribution of fat in almost all parts of your body. It has been proven time and again in various studies that regular consumption of soda causes an increase in waist circumference, which is also linked to the development of diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

At the same time, it facilitates the development of “fatty liver” disease and dyslipidemia. Diet soda causes this same effect, as aspartame, the most common sugar substitute found in diet soda, raises blood glucose levels. Aspartame is also considered as a carcinogen.

In addition, regular consumption of soda is linked to the gradual degeneration of the human body. It starts with the food coloring used in soft drinks. These chemicals, pushed by many consumer groups to be banned, are proven to be carcinogenic.

Also, the phosphates added in soda for increasing shelf life is highly toxic. It impairs the absorption of critical minerals, leading to a wide range of health problems such as osteoporosis and kidney disease. Phosphates are even linked to faster aging and early death in animal experiments.


So what can you do about it?


It may prove difficult for someone who is so used to the fizzy stuff, but the only option available to avoid the health risks of drinking soda is to stop drinking it. Fortunately, there are many healthier options available for you. Water, fresh juices, fresh smoothies, and even nut milk can do the trick.

There are even healthy alternatives for those looking for a caffeine boost or soda’s carbonated effect.


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