Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

Posted By Amy Goodrich on Jun 26, 2016

Best Essential Oils for Anxiety


The use of essential oils has been around for centuries. Egyptian pharaohs were anointed with oils when their bodies were prepared for burial, and the Ancient Greeks used to rub oil all over their bodies before they bathed.

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy, which is the practice of using the oils to enhance or change a person’s mood or improve their mental health or overall well-being.

As a form of alternative medicine, there is some evidence that essential oils can cure diseases. Especially the use of frankincense in the treatment of skin cancer has shown some amazing results. However, far more studies are available that show the usefulness of essential oils for anxiety, stress, and depression.

These studies show that people who had been diagnosed with anxiety or depression significantly improved when they were given aromatherapy, coupled with massages using essential oils.

While the results were not immediate, the patients were monitored over the course of a few months and researchers found that their moods were lifted when they were treated with essential oils for anxiety.

Researchers found that the useful minerals that promote healing were quickly absorbed by the skin and found in the patients’ bloodstreams minutes into their massages. Stress levels went down, as well as any sleeping problems.

Several essential oils are used for aromatherapy and massages. Some have found that mixing oils in precise quantities worked better than some of the essential oils being used by themselves. These oils are:


·        Lavender oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the most common oils being used today and with good reason. Most experts have found that the effects of lavender oil include giving a person a sense of calm and peace, enabling them to relax. Lavender is used to treat irritability, sleeplessness, and restlessness.


·        Rose oil

Rose oil is another popular essential oil, right next to lavender oil in treating anxiety. It is also used to treat shock and panic attacks.


·        Vetiver oil

Like lavender and rose oil, vetiver oil is used to treat panic attacks and creates a sense of calmness. Vetiver oil targets a person’s overworked nervous system, decreasing any jitteriness that he might have, in addition to hypersensitivity.


·        Chamomile

Regularly used in tea, researchers have also found that Chamomile is a very effective antidepressant. Those who use chamomile as an essential oil conclude that it helps with inner peace and harmony, and eases overthinking and excessive worrying.


There are many more different types of essential oils that can be used to treat anxiety such as basil, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and frankincense.

Diffusing the oils is one of the most popular methods, but some also ingest the oil (though they need to make sure that they are ingesting pure and clean oil) or apply them topically.


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  1. Great article! There are so many benefits to natural essential oils and a variety of ways to use them in your daily life 🙂

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    • Thanks! And absolutely right you are. We love essential oils!

  2. Hello.
    I’ve just found your website and I’m really enjoying your articles. Your recipes are fantastic and full of great ideas.
    This article is very informative too but right at the end you mention about ingesting essential oils. I have often wondered about that myself but on the bottles of pure good quality oils it says NOT TO BE TAKEN INTERNALLY.
    Please could you explain.Thanks.Sue.

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    • Hi Sue. Thanks. Happy to hear that you are enjoying the info and recipes I’m sharing. If you are planning to take essential oils internally, they should be of high quality and the bottle or package should mention something like suitable for internal use. This are, for instance, 2 brands I know that can be used internally: and I picked peppermint as an example but they have other essential oil too. Take care!

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