Want The Perfect Thighs? Do These Exercises To Tone Thighs To Have Them

Posted By Amy Goodrich on Aug 3, 2016



Want The Perfect Thighs? Do These Exercises To Tone Thighs To Have Them


Do you want to have perfectly shaped legs in no time? Fitness experts recommend these simple exercises to tone thighs that you can do straight from your home.


1.     Squads

Position your feet slightly wider than the width of your shoulders, with your feet pointed out diagonally. Squat down and have your knees open wide until they align with your hips.

Maintain this position for approximately three seconds and then repeat the process again for another eight times.


2.    Jumping lunges

Begin in a lunging position. In this starting position, make sure that your knee is bent over the heel, forming a ninety-degree angle. From this position, jump straight up, making sure that you land on your other leg in the same lunge position as before.

Repeat the process eight more times, making sure that you alternate between your legs. This is actually one of the exercises to tone thighs that is most recommended by professionals due to its high effectiveness.


3.     Wall supported squad

Start with your back flat against a wall, with your feet separated by shoulder width. Then, while you are in this position, bend your knees until you reach a ninety-degree angle over your heels. Hold this position for approximately eight seconds before straightening your legs again and going back to your starting position.

Keep doing this for five times, then take a rest, then go back to doing it again.


4.     Ball squeezes

While lying on the floor with your knees bent and your feet firmly planted on the floor, place a ball between your knees and squeeze your thighs into the ball. As you do this, lift your hips off the floor until you reach a bridge position. Maintain your squeeze on the ball as you lower your hips.

Repeat this process for another eight times before resting, and then going again for another eight ball squeezes.


5.     Making circles

Lie on the floor (preferably you should have a mat you can lie on to make it comfortable). Bend your left knee while your left foot is flat on the floor. In this starting position, lift your right leg, pointing your toes straight up, and lengthening your legs as much as you can. Rotate your right leg outward until you form a complete circle, all the while keeping your back and your hips firmly planted on the floor.

Do eight of these circles with your right leg before switching to your left one.


6.     Switching legs

Start by lying on the mat with your hands firmly pressed under your hips in order to give yourself back support. Then, put your abdomen so as to let your shoulders lift off the mat while you lift your legs at a forty-five-degree angle. While lifting your legs off the floor, make sure that you keep them straight and pointed. Cross your left leg over your right leg, and then switch.

Repeat this process for fifteen seconds and then rest for five. Do at least three sets of these.


7.     Crusty

Begin with your feet shoulder width apart and with your knees bent slightly. Then, bring your left foot behind your right leg in a crossed fashion with just enough space in between for you to do a curtsy. Afterwards, return your left foot to its original standing position and then do the whole process again, this time using your other leg.

Repeat the entire process on each side for about eight more times.

Do these exercises to tone thighs on a daily-ish basis to create the perfect thighs and strong legs.


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