6 Exercises to Get a Perfect Slim Body

Posted By Guest Poster on Mar 14, 2017

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6 Exercises to Get a Perfect Slim Body


When we see those supermodels strut in the runway, we are often green with envy. We all want to have the perfect slim body that they have.

Having perfect slim body is not easy though, unless you are blessed to be born with genes where you don’t have to do anything but still do not get fat. If you want to have the same body as the supermodels have, you have to be on a healthy diet and have a regular workout routine.


Below are the 6 exercise that you need to do constantly to achieve the perfect slim body


1. Do Push-ups/Squats


This combination of exercises would not require any gym memberships or instruments and yet get the maximum result that you want. This low-maintenance and low-cost workout combination will blast your upper and lower body. Push-ups could be boring to some, so you can add variation from standard to fingertip, triangle, knuckle, elevated and clapping.

If you want to be adventurous, you can use a vibration plate when you do your squats and push-ups.

To perform squats with the vibration plate, start by standing in the center of the plate with both of your feet planted firmly. Do the squats the same way as you would when standing on the ground. Performing push-ups on a vibration plate is ideal if you want to have a toned and strong upper body.

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2. Walking


If getting skinny is the first thing on your goal, then you should start walking your way to fitness. Walking is an effective way of losing weight as it helps you build strong bones, plus you don’t need any fancy equipment to do it.

To make sure that you will get longer miles for walking, start with a warm-up first. Walk slowly then increase your pace gradually. This is to make sure that your muscles are supplied with oxygen-rich blood to keep you going.

Then increase your speed to a pace where it will cause you to break a sweat and breathe heavily but still manage to make a conversation.

To burn more calories and achieve your ideal weight, walk long enough on a regular basis. Park your car a few miles away from your office and walk your way through. Incorporating walking on all parts of your day to day activities is a smart way to keep fit and skinny.


3. Skipping


Skipping or jumping rope is not only a fun game that children play during school breaks; it is also a great way to lose some weight and to stay skinny. It combines the benefits of strength training and aerobics. It helps you burn hundreds of calories per hour, plus it also makes your upper legs and calves toned.

As an added bonus, this exercise is convenient as you can do it anywhere, or even without a rope. Just simply move your arms as if you are twirling one with each hop.


4. Swimming


This water exercise is ideal to those that want to keep the unwanted calories off. Swimming is an overall body exercise which works every muscles in your body while increasing your heart rate and burning the calories. It strengthens your muscles without putting too much pressure on your joints. Reap the benefits of cardiovascular exercise and strength training by swimming regularly.

There are four strokes: breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly and backstroke. Each strokes have different effects in your muscles, you will get the most benefit if you incorporate all of them into your routine.


5. Crunch (abdomen)


The most common exercise to get a toned and flat belly is the abdominal crunches. This type of exercise is convenient as you just need a small space in your home or office where you can do your crunches.

To up the results that you will get, try weighted crunches or bicycle crunch.

Bicycle crunch provides an ab workout and a cardio exercise. Get your heart pumping at a faster rate by alternating a torso twist and a knee raise. You’re hitting your entire abdominal wall by the lower/upper body action.

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6. Leg Lifting


If you want to have a small waist and a skinny leg, leg lifting should be on your top list. You work on your upper and lower abs by raising your legs above your body.

To perform this exercise, first you have to lie on your back. Then place your hands, palms down, beside you and begin raising your legs off the ground while exhaling as you go. Make sure that you keep your knees locked and hold in this position for as long as you can. Then return to your initial position and inhale as you go.

Getting a perfect slim body is now a breeze with these exercises. Perform them as often as you can to get the maximum result that you want.



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