Effective Ways of Alkalize Your Body

Posted By Amy Goodrich on Sep 6, 2017


Effective Ways of Alkalize Your Body


People are often unaware that their body needs to maintain a certain pH level. The body’s desired pH of the blood is around 7.4.

Though we cannot change the pH of our blood because only a slight difference in the blood’s pH would lead to death, we can make sure our body’s internal systems have to put less effort in maintaining the right pH. This will take the stress away from our liver, kidneys, lungs and other internal systems that help to eliminate acidic material to keep our blood pH stable and prevent certain diseases, cancer included, and death.

Today most people are relying on processed and fast food which leaves acidic residues in our body. This condition makes them unhealthy and susceptible to diseases and weight gain. The solution? Do things that can bring back the balance.

Helping the body combat the overload of acidic materials entering the body and putting less stress on our internal systems by consciously adding more alkaline-forming foods to our diet is the best approach to solving the problem.

Thanks to living an alkaline lifestyle my husband was able to come off his weekly sick-making interferon injections to control Multiple Sclerosis (MS). He has been drug-free for over 3 years without having a single MS flare-up.

Furthermore, living an alkaline and stress-free lifestyle has enabled me to control my inherited heart rhythm condition and high cholesterol levels. Again without the need of harmful medication. FOOD IS OUR MEDICINE!!!!

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Ways to Alkalize Your Body


To start with, keep a close eye on what you put in your mouth on a daily basis. Secondly, stress must be kept at healthy levels. Here are details on these plus other ways of alkalizing your body.


1. Eat more alkaline fruits

Try eating more fruits because they can help counteract the effects of acidity. You can have lemons and limes from the citrus family. Berries have also proven helpful for this purpose. Try avocado as well for its fibrous flesh. Fiber adds weight to waste matter for easy defecation.


2. Spice up your dishes

Some spices are recommended for the same effect. Try garlic and ginger. If, however, one of these worsen what you feel in your stomach or the rest of your body, stop consuming it.

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3. Go easy on the coffee

Coffee and other caffeinated foods or drinks have an acidifying effect. Try to limit them as much as possible and make sure to drink enough water when consuming your cup of coffee. This will help flush out more of the acidic residues it leaves in your body.


4. Up your greens

Wheat grass, broccoli, spinach and most other vegetables all have an alkalizing effect on your body. make sure 60 to 80 percent of what you eat on a daily basis consist out of fresh alkalizing fruits and veggies.


5. Eliminate processed foods and sugar

These foods contain unnatural chemicals and have an acidifying effect on the body. Avoid them. Sugar- or carbohydrate-rich foods should also be avoided. Carbohydrates turn into sugar during digestion.


6. Get your stress levels under control

Stress increases acidity levels in the body. The same is true with starvation and lack of sleep. Natural ways of relieving stress include doing yoga, meditation, and having a nice conversation with friends and families.

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7. Water, the fountain of life

Drink water to lessen the concentration of acids floating around your body. But don’t drink too much each time because it will cause water to occupy a lot of space inside, a condition that can further aggravate the acidic situation inside your stomach.


8. Move your body

Try to move even though you are working in the front of a computer most of the time. It does not have a direct effect on what’s happening in your stomach. With this, you are just trying to be natural, because the natural tendency of the human body is to move. Moving your body also allows it to release harmful gases inside.

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9. Avoid alcohol consumption

Let’s not forget people who consume alcohol. Alcohol, aside from its intoxicating effect, induces acidity. If you can’t stop it, try consuming less and less. When you drink, your body can tell you how much is too much, just like when it does when the pH level goes down out of doing the wrong things we’ve discussed above. Remember, your body is your ultimate pH measuring stick.


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