6 Reasons You Should Start Drinking Tea

Posted By Guest Poster on Jan 27, 2017


6 Reasons You Should Start Drinking Tea


In the modern age of coffee, tea seems to have fallen by the wayside. This is unfortunate because tea still has a lot of benefits to offer. The next time you’re looking for a way to relax, and you want to really feel good about your choice of beverage, consider reaching for a cup of tea. The benefits are endless. From boosting your memory power to relieving allergies to helping you to relax, drinking tea can assist you in a number of ways. Here, we’ve listed six ways that becoming a tea-drinker could be the best choice you ever make – who knows, you might give up coffee for good!



Have you ever had trouble remembering something? Do you worry that as you age, you’ll lose your ability to remember things? Try drinking some tea.

A recent study suggests that drinking tea can increase your brain’s short-term synaptic plasticity. What does that mean? In layman’s terms, it helps you remember things better. If you head to the store for some items, you’ll have a better time remembering why you’re there, and you’re less likely to make a second trip. Or maybe you find that you always say “I’ll do that later”, only to realize later on that it’s “later” and what you aimed to do never got done. Or maybe you just have occasional trouble remembering things. Not only that but as you get older, there’s a theory that tea helps to combat the effects of dementia. Win-win!



A lot of people nowadays are chronically dehydrated, and dehydration tends to exacerbate just about everything else that’s wrong with you – it will make injuries heal slower, it will put you in a bad mood, it increases your chances of getting sick, and if you’re already sick, decreases the chances of getting better.

So being dehydrated is a bad thing.

On the bright side, tea will hydrate you (unlike coffee, which is loaded with sugar, which will dehydrate you).

And if you want even more benefits for your body, consider adding something like Kratom Leaves to the mix. Kratom tea, for example, acts as a stimulant (better than caffeine) and is commonly used as a natural pain killer.

The point is, tea keeps your body hydrated, and if you add the right herbs on top of it, you can have a profound (and positive) impact on your health.

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Are you feeling stressed? Do you feel like you’re doing a million things but having trouble getting anything done? It may not be a productivity issue. It may be a stress issue, and one that can be fixed with a bit of tea. Tea offers aromatherapy, so just making yourself a glass of tea will help to relax you. Then, when you’re drinking it, you’re drinking in herbs and spices that will work with your body and relax you. Just ten minutes of tea can have a profound effect on your entire day. Try it out!



Maybe you’re feeling overweight, or your doctor has recommended that you shed a few pounds. Tea might be able to help with that. There’s plenty of science suggesting that tea helps you to shed abdominal fat (though there is some that suggest no difference). Which is correct? That’s up for you to decide. The next time you want to lose a few pounds, consider adding a glass of tea to your diet and you might find that losing weight isn’t as difficult as you thought it would be.

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You should love your smile. Smiling at people immediately instills a sense of trust and amiability. But what happens if your teeth decay?

On top of a healthy brushing habit, consider adding tea to your diet. That’s right, tea! Tea prevents plaque build-up and bacteria, which basically means there’s less cavity-causing stuff on your teeth to cause cavities. The next time you have a sugary treat, wash it down with a cup of tea. Not only will you be benefitting from the health benefits outlined above, but you’ll be stemming tooth decay, relaxing, and enjoying a nice beverage all at the same time.



How about seasonal allergies? Do you experience increased allergies during certain times of the year, such as dust during the spring and pollen during the summer? Believe it or not, teas can actually help with your allergies. Some can block allergy-causing histamines, while others treat the sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes associated with allergic reactions. So next spring, when pollen is in the air, and your allergies are acting up, give the tea a shot. You might find relief!


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